Unique perspectives of a multi-dimensional world

Stock photography from Evergreen Coast Images at Alamy
The Call to Fly

In the voice of birds a-singing
can’t you hear my call?
To what is it you are clinging,
there in your mortal halls?

When the wind has painted
the story with its song;
Why do you seem to have fainted?
Why do you tarry long?

Like lead in vats a-cooling,
you harden where you stand;
all deafened to the ruling,
of the spirit’s subtle hand.

More worlds for you are waiting,
that with your life are made;
in spirit and matter mating,
is the foundation laid.

Comprehension can be more lifting,
than the experience;
the form will fade with sifting,
more etheric than dense.

So waken from your dreaming,
and stretch to your full height;
the wind in feathers streaming,
brings to the newborn flight.