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Stock photography from Evergreen Coast Images at Alamy
Passion of a sort

When passion burns brightly,
and the pulsing tide
of amorous hands
thrust and ebb and swirl
upon the flesh,
and the slow, rolling urge
of quivering lips and fluttering hearts
entwine in the expanding heat,
like the ever-increasing course of electricity
through the spirals of stove burners,
‘til red hot;
Then do lovers’ hearts
melt so profoundly
into one another
that they meld into a new entity,
so fused in a metamorphic bond,
that for one to tear away
rips that common flesh,
and sunders the organ into a molten jelly,
devoid of form or stoutness of purpose,
leaving a scar that wounds
the measure of time,
and evades healing essence
for an overlong season…
Such pain, and such misery.
The pain is there,
for the healing to be had.