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Stock photography from Evergreen Coast Images at Alamy
Far Earth

I remember a battle upon a star,
that twisted and wove in bygone days;
the wall of hooves from fields a-far,
that strode into the darkling fray.
Like the moment when from strange dreams we start,
in sluggish vapor where senses are cloaked;
In the city, great fear leapt up in all hearts,
the fields there burned in air that choked.

Ever is it the way of man,
to take the credit, and lay the blame;
he will sunder what he can,
to reap vainglory in his own name.
He calls upon his God of old,
to sanctify his bold forays;
into neighbor’s houses with hands so cold,
with words that sooth but so oft betray.

If now it seems as it was before,
you are not deceived, for it is so;
the lustful mind is ever a whore,
for itself all gain, to all others woe.
If the lecher mind destroys its bed,
the earthly vale where all must live;
It has no right, it must be shed,
the law says not to take but give.