Unique perspectives of a multi-dimensional world

Stock photography from Evergreen Coast Images at Alamy
The Chords Within

Every song strikes a different chord within,
in tune with the season
in which it is played.
It’s sound is different
according to the mood and temperament
which prevail when it is heard.
And when you have listened to a song,
to a melody, to music,
in enough different times and places, and moods,
you walk through it,
as a shimmering translucent veil,
into the fields behind, and wander through it.
Then each tone glistens on dewy grasses,
and showers your head with drops of colors.
It evokes the dreams of old, and awakens anew
the desire to rekindle in all hearts,
the sleeping fire.
It moistens you throughout with essences rare,
till you smell the sweet purity
of your own heart.