Unique perspectives of a multi-dimensional world

Stock photography from Evergreen Coast Images at Alamy

The buzz-
The spin-
Celebrity and fame
provide their own narrative -
so that they will make sure that you don’t
get the wrong idea about them;
You are only to know that they are
truly benevolent and wise-
that they encompass all wisdom, and have received all knowledge.
But of course, only so humbly, so very down to earth.
How they have suffered!
Hear them call your attention to it!
How they have ascended to the truth,
and shall reveal it by ways of the media!
So that they will make sure that you will
interpret their meaning
only as you are meant to.
To rob you of your right to decide for yourself.
They will decide what you should think of them,
so that you don’t ever get “the wrong idea”.
Sound like any other religions
which have mocked you down the millennia?